Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Our First Post to New Blog!!
As we are beginning the process of adoption from Ethiopia, we thought it would be good to start a blog. This will be a place where we can post what is happening along the process, scripture and moments that have encouraged us. I am sure we will face some struggles along the way, we can use this blog to share our prayer requests and struggles.
To date, we have had one visit from our social worker (Aug. 24th, 2006) She came and did a walk through in our home and talked with us and the kids about the changes that are to come in our family. She was very encouraging, and helpful. We handed in essays to her and applications (the beginning of paperwork). She noted that we would meet atleast 2 more times and along the way there would be some more paperwork and some introductory materials coming from our agency (CHSFS)
I (Daddy) am feeling VERY excited to be starting the actual process. I feel that adoption has been on my heart for the past year and Ethiopian adoption for about the last 8 months. There are some things that have come up during this past year that God has brought me to my knees over. Questions of how this child will adjust to being in an all white family growing up. How our family will handle questions or statements made by people who don't understand why we would want to adopt. How God will be glorified through these changes that will come to our family. God continually brings me back to His adoption of me into His family. The unmerited mercy Christ has shown to me on the cross by cancelling out my sin and giving me new life. That love that shows no boundaries and overcomes all questions, doubts and fears. Thanks be to God!