Monday, October 30, 2006

Ethiopian Ministry

We went to a meeting tonight with our friends the Langton's at a home in McCook Lake, SD.
There is a family here in Sioux City that is from Ethiopia. They have a ministry (Generosity International) in Ethiopia in some villages. They assist farmers, start schools and support churches. We went to hear more about their country and to meet this family. It was very informative and it turns out that our Kaylee goes to Clark School with their oldest daughter. They hit it off famously and had fun talking and playing together. We hope to meet with this family again and have more time to talk with them, not just about their culture, but about their ministry and their faith.
I took some pictures, they are at
The Langton's I have mentioned before. They adopted from Ethiopia in '04 and are patiently waiting for a referral for a new addition to their family.


update: the website for the ministry we heard about is

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Homeland Security

I sent in the form (CIS) that allows citizenship for the baby when it arrives today. It goes to Des Moines and then they set up an appointment for us in Omaha to get fingerprinted. It usually takes 60-90 days to process this document. Longer than I thought or expected.
We should hear tomorrow or Monday if our home study has been approved from CHSFS.
After we hear from the agency, nothing else can go forward until that CIS form process and we get fingerprinted.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Another "baby" step

Our Home Study reached Kristina at Children's Home in Minneapolis today!!
It goes to their social worker for Review and that usually takes about at week - It is about 11 pages, not counting all the documents that go with it.

Now we begin our International side of the paperwork. We hope (Lord willing) to be done with all paperwork by the end of November and then be officially awaiting a baby- WOW! Children's Home is saying that the wait will be between 4&6 months. God is so good!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Final Home Study visit 10-19-06

We went to Schleswig, Iowa again today and visited with Janette for our final HomeStudy visit.
It was good to visit with her again and hand in all of our paper work for Luth. Family Services and get signatures on much of the things for Children's Home.
Janette will be emailing off our home study to Children's Home tomorrow. There is much more paperwork to be done, because the next step is the dossier. We don't know much about this yet, but the dossier is what goes over to Ethiopia to the orphanage and represents our family. It is very exciting to see how God has sustained us throughout the process so far. It is evident more than ever that it is God that is giving us this desire to adopt.
We are looking forward to the next few weeks in how our home study will travel from Schleswig to minneapolis then to Fort Dodge then on to Ethiopia. Please pray with us and for us. Here are some other things that are coming up in the next few weeks.
1. Our family Dr. told us to start preparing to travel by getting vaccinations. It makes me think about the lack of medical supplies that the Ethiopian people have. We are so blessed here in the USA.
2. We need to look into grants and funding opportunities that are available. We know of one that we will be applying for from Sioux Center and there are others out there that we need to apply for. The costs are beginning to pile up quick.
3. Getting passports and filling out paperwork for a visa for a baby from the Embassy, i think the form is called an I-600.
4. Getting fingerprinted - i'm not sure where we do this, hopefully we can do it right here in town, we've heard that others have had to travel to Omaha or Des Moines.

Thanks - I'll write again soon.


Monday, October 09, 2006

update 10-8-06

It's been about a week since our last post and returning from Minneapolis to visit the agency.
A crazy week it has been! We are coming up on our final home visit appointment, however, we are in need of prayer to finish up all the paperwork forms, retrieval of letters from employers, police departments, birth certificates and much, much more!
There are some things that are a bit time consuming to attain and we just need grace in staying on top of all there is to be done.
This weekend we had a conference at our church where Jerry Bridges taught about the Sovereignty of God. It was so encouraging to know and to hear that God has planned every detail (even the bumps in the road) for our good and ultimately for His Glory. It really allows for no complaining from us. However, calling out for prayer and being in need is completely appropriate. God puts others around us and uses others to complete His purposes!
Thank you for your prayers and support. I will try to post more frequently to keep everyone up to date.