Saturday, July 07, 2007

We met the boys

I have tons to write but I have access here for a few minutes and i'm posting to say we've met them and they are fantastic!!!!


Anonymous said...

We will have permanent smiles on our face the rest of the day!!! What a joy to see you with Levi & Jesse in the same picture! Of course I (Carol) am shedding tears of joy! Praise God for getting you there safely! We couldn't be more blessed of your mission! Lots of prayers are being said all over the US for you all!!! We love you & miss you already!
The Voloshens :)

Anonymous said...

We are so happy! When we saw the picture of you with the boys it seemed so right. Jesse and Levi are so cute and we cant wait until you are home and we can see you all together. Mom and I sat and prayed this morning and it must have been almost the same time you saw the boys. I think it was the Lords way of letting us be a part of it. Love, Mom and Dad

Lea said...

I was so excited when mom called this a.m. and told be to check the blog. Just seeing you in the same picture as them caused me to choke up. I can't believe they are actually with you in the flesh now. I agree with dad that it just seems so right. They are so so cute. We want MORE details when you get a chance! Can't get over Jesse's feet. they are so cute!We love you! LEA

Gray said...

congrats y'all. Its great to see how the Lord worked out everthing!

Anonymous said...

Loved the picture of all of you!!They are so sweet and we cannot wait to love them. I agree with Lea. I LOVE the little feet!!
Take care and we are thinking of you ever minute!!

We loved taking care of your kids!!

Bob, La Rae and Nathan

Anonymous said...

We rejoice with you in seeing you with your new sons. We will continue to pray for all of you and your kids at home too.
Love in Him,
Sheila De Jong

MollyAmman said...

Mara and I are so happy for you guys...we both screamed when we saw the picture!!! They look adorable and they both have cute hair Tonya!! :) Praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

The Reynolds family rejoices with you and is praying that the Lord would give you strength, endurance, and wisdom to live out your faith in Him. We also pray that you will be shedding His light into all the lives you touch over the next few days, especially those of the boys' birth family. Give those boys a big squeeze for us! We can't wait to do the same in person.

Anonymous said...

We love the picture of you both & the boys. Your dream in life has come true. We will be anxious to hug those little guys too. What a beautiful blessing from God. We wish the best for you this week in meeting the birth parents & other new experiences you will face. We had a fun time babysitting the kids. They were perfect. We love you & miss you. Mom & Dad Henn

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Layne and Tanya! We were so excited when Aunt Barb wrote and told us to check the blog for your photo. What cuties those boys are. We sure are excited to meet them some day. Jesse and Will are about the same age!
We wish you safe travels and send our love!

Cousins Kelly, Mark & William

Anonymous said...

Oh the tears I am shedding the joy that floods all of our souls as we see the picture we've been WAITING to see, Levi and Jesse with Mama and Daddy!!!!! Oh, they are more precious than we pictured!!!!! Can't wait to squeeze ya'll!!!! Praise God from whom ALL blessings FLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, The Handel's

Anonymous said...

Tanya and Layne,

We are jumping up and down at our computer! What a beautiful site to see you and your boys together . . . finally!

It's so amazing to recognize the scenery behind you. You seem worlds away and yet so nearby. We feel that way about Ethiopia much of the time. Part of our hearts belong there and part belongs here.

Our prayers are with you as you continue your journey there. We pray for health, safety, and bonding between both of you and the boys.

We also pray for God's peace about being away from your other children.

Can't wait to hear more and see more. And, especially can't wait to meet the boys!

In Him,
Ben, Sherri, Mari, and Ahman Langton

Jess said...

Woohoo! How wonderful that you now have your new children! We are so excited for you! may God bless you as you bring your new children home!!

Chris & Jessica Vega

Anonymous said...

There you are with them together, Wow! It is so awesome! We are celebrating with you , and can't wait to welcome you all home and see the whole family together!
Love you! The Nichols

Mara said...

From the pictures I saw before of Levi and Jesse, and how they looked, till now, and the picture of you guys with them, they look so much happier! I am looking forward to meeting them! Know that my family and I are praying for you guys! You are loved!

Mara Amman