Wednesday, December 20, 2006


A letter arrived from Homeland Security office notifying us that we have an appointment in Sioux Falls to get fingerprinted. Yeah!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

36th Birthday

My birthday was Saturday and I couldn't help but think how close my birthday will be to our new child's birthday in Ethiopia. I am continuing to be refined and my faith tested as we move farther and farther along in the process. Tanya went Friday and applied for her passport at the P.O. I will go tomorrow and apply for mine. I learned that my Dad was born in Spencer, Iowa and my Father-in-law was born in Lincoln. My mom and Tanya's mom were born in the same hospital! How cool is that. I wonder where our new baby will be born (or was born)? Completely different from anything we have ever experienced, I'm sure!
We are now beginning to apply for different adoption grants. I printed out the application from Steven Curtis Chapman's website and another one from Sioux Center. We are praying that God will grant us more grace and more faith over the next few months. We really want to use this time of waiting to strengthen our family bond in Christ. Teaching and preparing the kids for what is to come.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The blessing of Pinkeye

Completed the Dossier! Today we are sending it in and it was largely made possible by the fact that I had pinkeye. I was contagious, so I couldn't go to work, therefore Tanya was able to go run around and tie up some loose ends, like making copies, getting money orders and running to the bank.
I need to write these entries more often, so I will try to do better on the updates.