Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday- leaving Ethiopia in 6 hours

Hi everybody.
It's Friday and I am writing a quick email to say that we only have about 6 more hours in ethiopia.
Last night was a better night with the boys. Jesse cried more than Levi going to sleep. Levi took a while, but he was quietly singing himself to sleep.
they both woke up happy.
Yesterday we had the whole day without any specific appt.
We went shopping with the boys and they did really good. It helped to have the shopkeepers talking to them in Amharic. They were really well behaved and didn't get fussy.
It was kinda hot, we stopped last at the supermarket and got some of their yummy sweet croissants. and more bananas.Levi absolutely loves bananas, yesterday i think he ate 4 of them.

I am so excited to get on this plane, but please pray that we get on it in time, nothing around here happens on schedule and it makes us very nervous. If the flight is overbooked, we could lose our seats being all together, so please pray really hard that we get to the airport early enough to get our seats and our bags checked and just chill until the flight leaves!!!!
I want to hug and kiss Kaylee, Isaac and Erin on every inch of their little bodies. Mommy and daddy can't wait to tickle and kiss you little monkeys all over and give you so many loves. Mommy and Daddy have been crying every night because we miss you soooooooooooooo much!!!!! We listened to the recordings of your voices that we sent to Ethiopia. Erin singing Jingle Bells, Isaac saying his bible verse and singing "the joy of the lord is my strength" and kaylee playing the violin. We just lay in our bed here and bawl thinking about how much we want to be with you!!!

Thank you to everyone who has been caring for our little people and praying for us. We have so many amazing stories to tell you when we get home!!

Layne and TAnya

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Anonymous said...

Such beautiful boys! They have the best eyes. It sounds like everything is going well and we hope for a great return trip for you! Wish we could be in Omaha to hug you all when you get back. There will be a big party in the airport for sure!

Safe travels!
Kelly, Mark and Will