Wednesday, December 28, 2011

End of the Year Review

Oh! Every year we wait patiently (or not) for Christmas and the new year, but it seems that every year it manages to sneak up on us! God has blessed us so much this past year, I don't know where to begin....

Last year was a year of blessing...
Daddy in Ethiopia last January. Lord willing, Mommy and I will be able to travel there in March! Praise Him!

I was baptized in September...

 A year of fun..
And many lost teeth...

Lots of silliness...
A year of birthdays and celebrations...
Happy 10th B-day!

Our 4th Famiversary!!

This one says it all!

It was also a year of hardships...
You can't really take pictures of hardships, and if you could, they wouldn't be a feast for the eyes. We had flooding all summer, and believe it or not, we are going through a drought right now.  We said goodbye to our cousin who joined the Airforce... And we miss him terribly! But there are the spiritually hardships, and emotional ones too.  God is right there and even though it doesn't always feel like it, He works all things for good of those who love Him.

We had a year of family,friends, fun, and fellowship...

Vacation in MN....

Disney World!

Apple orchard with good pals! 
Monday Night Football!! 

This post could go on for a year! :) Everybody is growing up so fast....We are still homeschooling, and we finished our basement renovation a few months ago, watched some friends bring their daughter into her forever family, and are excited with the friends and family who are starting the process of adoption! We made some connections with some Ethiopian and Eritrean friends, and started bringing them to church, and rejoiced when a friend serving overseas came home. (See that story Here)   With love,
The Henn's!  Wishing you a Happy New Year...


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yeah! Christmas Break

 Merry Christmas from the HENN'S!!
Today we start our Christmas break from schooling.  The next few days we will spend with family and friends celebrating the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ!
Erna has drawn us a festive Christmas tree picture and below, i'm posting a picture of the Solar System model the kids made from balloons!  It fits right in with the rest of our Christmas decor!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy, happy new year!

Love, The Henn Family!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Whooo Hoooo!! Yet another birthday here at the Hennhouse!! Happy Birthday Daddy!! You are the best dad I could ever ask for, and you are an amazing example to all those around you. You are a great teacher, mentor, singer, guitar player, tickle-giver, tucker in-er at bedtime, out loud reader, listener, talker, photographer, provider, protecter, decision maker, friend maker, cook-er, planner, get-'er done kind of person, encourager, writer, correcter, and so many other things I could sit here and write all day! You definitely have your moments, and your boiling points, but you come to see your sin quickly and apologize... =) I can't believe God let me have such a wonderful daddy, and I hope I can celebrate every birthday you have with as much fun as we celebrated your 41st!! Only 41 more years and you'll be 82!! I love you so much daddy and I'm so glad you you were born!!

I LOVE YOU DADDY!!! Post a comment to wish Buzz a Happy Birthday!!