Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Referral, Referral, Referral

It's true!! The news is out! Now it is on the web. We found out April, 16th at around noon.
Two, that's right, 2, brothers. Geremu (GARE-uh-moo) just turned four and Habtamu (OBB-tah-moo) just turned one. They are adorable and we will be posting pictures soon!
So many questions and I don't have many answers, but I know this is all in God's hands!
For example...
All along, Tanya has had on her heart and in her mind a little 4 yr. old boy. I have always been the hold-out. A while back, you may remember we had a little issue with the Immigration services paperwork and God gave us the opportunity and prompted us to change our age range on an older sibling up to 3. A few weeks later, I was at a school working with a teacher and met a little boy and God used him to change my heart to move it up again. That was right before we left for Chicago on Easter wknd. We chatted and prayed about it on the 8hr ride there and the 10 hour ride home. When we returned home, Tanya just emailed the agency to see what it would take to up the age on our paperwork to four. We got some information back and were prayerfully considering it and then WHAM-O, God drops these boys in. His perfect timing and providence at work!

When are we going? (This seems to be the most common question) Could be up 12 weeks before we travel (were hoping for 8 weeks, but would leave tomorrow if we could)
How long will we be gone? Don't know for sure, but we would like to travel to south to meet birth family, so it could be up to 10 days.

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Kellie Shramek said...

Tanya and Layne,

We are and will be praying for you guys.

I'm sure you know this but FYI our friends adopting from Ethiopia went to a travel clinic here for all their shots. They said it was so helpful. The nurse researched the country - different parts even suggested different immunizations. I know you probably don't have access to that in Sioux city but maybe their is a good website with that info. Blessings to you guys,