Friday, January 13, 2012

a little help can go a long way

Check out the link below:

As many of you who would read our family blog already know, Ta and Bugg are getting ready to travel to Shone, Ethiopia to serve with Look Development.

Last year, the day after Christmas, I went on a similar trip to the exact same area with a group of 28 people.
Below are some pictures from the trip I was on.  It was such a joy to see the families that we sponsored.  They loved spending the brief moments we had together and wanted to talk about our family and their love for the Savior!

I will never forget my time there, and I hope to return someday. I learned so much about faith in God and the power of prayer in a place where depending on God takes on a whole new meaning.  Bugg and Ta will be truly enriched by the faith of the people they will meet there, the Look Development ministry and the beautiful work of the gospel as they bring the Good News!

There are so many ways to pray for them as they embark on this journey.  They need prayer for funding, medicine, formula for the infants in the orphanage and all the preparations.  May God bless their journey!
I'm posting the link again, there is a place to give your donation at the bottom of the linked post!