Wednesday, November 24, 2010

happy thanksgiving

An eventful day!
We got the kids up  REALLY early and headed out for our turkeyjerky day weekend.  at 2:30 am the boys were rousting around in their bedrooms.  So we decided to get underway.  on the highway by 5am, trying to beat a winter storm.  however we were slowed down a bit by a deer.
the chrome piece that was left here didn't make it must past this stop...  the wind was blowing like mad,  you can see how it shifted the cargo topper clear to one side.  
The car ride was pretty smooth otherwise, only a few fights and none between ta and buzzard! 
we made it, beat the storm and still had time to hit the the Christmas display downtown.  it was so cool.  The animated elves were fun for the kids to watch and SANTA!  what a day.  The kids are so excited to be with their cousins and they just crashed a few minutes ago. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Goodness, blog posts are getting scarce aren't they? My fault. I planned on posting a while back but as you can tell I never got to it. Anyway......

We had a birthday party for our close friend Tatiana Beaver (she's now 13) Her family and 2 others came for stew and cake. So much fun!!! Happy really,really late birthday Tatiana!!

Oggie, Dash, and Erna had a piano recital. I wasn't there but I know for a fact that it sounded REALLY good. Dash and Erna just started, but Oggie has been playing for 3 years. They all are great musicians!



We also carved pumpkins!!! It is a tradition at our house. We started a new tradition too! Roasting the pumpkin seeds! They are SO good! And apparently they are healthy for you too. :)
About a week after that we went trick or treating for halloween. The weather was perfect and the candy was great, as usual.
my face looks weird because the texture of the pumpkin guts is not appealing.

Sadly, there is no pumpkin pictures because 2 of them got smashed/stolen. bummer.
I was a square dancer

Oggie was Robin

Dash was Batman

Erna was fairy princess butterfly

Bear was a football player. GO HUSKERS!!

Sweet little Squeakers was a bunny!
and last but not least (as she always will be) Squeakers is four months now!! She is getting chubbier by the second.