Saturday, July 02, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Our little Squeakers just turned one yesterday! She is growing up to be such a big girl. Wednesday night we went to the mall to eat dinner, then went birthday shopping for her at Target. It was super easy shopping for her and only took us an hour or two. Thursday we spent the day finishing unpacking, ( we spent last week with our cousins in Chicago, more on that later...) cleaning the house, making cakes, and wrapping birthday presents. It was very hot so we went down to the swimming pool and swam! Friday was the PARTY!!! Squeakers was the star of the show all day long! Aunt Susie came over in the morning a brought doughnuts! Yum! She brings us doughnuts so often that she has been officially dubbed 'The Doughnut Lady'. Thanks Susie! We had blown up a little wading pool for Squeakers and she sat in that for most of the morning. I took too many plenty of pictures, she is very photogenic. :)


 These next pictures are exactly a year ago. She has gotten soooo big in the past year, I can hardly believe it!

I just love my sister! I will post a few more pictures, if you don't mind..... In my opinion, pictures speak much better than words. :)

 We had quite a bit of family and some dear friends come to celebrate with us. Thankfully, it was a beautiful night, despite the bugs and the kids played outside most of the time! We played  freeze tag, soccer, cops and robbers, and did a skit! It was a very fun night. Squeakers had a cake all to herself, and she was very dainty with it. For the first two minutes she didn't hardly touch it! She eventually dug in and ate it though! We praise God for Squeakers every day and have no idea what our family would do without her! Post a comment to with Squeakers a Happy Birthday!!