Saturday, August 29, 2009

A very hectic month

There are about a hundred posts to write just for this month. However, that is NOT going to happen.
Here's a list of events since the last post in July...
Layne finished School Law class in 3 weeks instead of 4, so he could go on vacation and enjoy it.
Our family loses a good friend to cancer
Erin has fever and goes on antibiotics
Vacation in Northern Minn.
Layne and 3 kids get Staph Infection while on vacation (no, I won't be posting pictures)
Tanya's cousin gets married, 2 of our kids in wedding party :)
School starting for Layne (teachers return)
Layne still healing from MRSA (staph infection)
Kids Start school
Isaac starts football
Isaac fever
Layne starts 2 more classes
Garage Sale
Erin starts the Cello
Switch banks
more to come....