Monday, June 30, 2008

Windy City

We have been on a vacation to visit family near Chicago. We have had a great time!!
Just spending time with cousins is so fun for the kids.
Sat. we went into the city. The girls all went to the American Girl doll store. The boys came a little later. We all met at Taste of Chicago. It was a huge event, thousands upon thousands of people, and with 8 kids it was an experience to remember. Very hot outside! We stayed just a little while, and didn't taste much of the food.
We were well equipped, 2 strollers that hold three kids, bus passes and water.
I think the highlight for the kids was riding the train.
Sunday we went to Downer's Grove to the Heritage Festival. The kids really loved this. We managed to get free food at a church and they let the kids play in these big blow up jumper things in their parking lot. Then, we went into the festival and rode the kiddie rides. It was much cooler, even rained a little, but the kids didn't mind at all. They had soooo much fun.
I'll put some pictures up later.

Friday, June 13, 2008

We have a court date!!!

We are ready for finalization and have received a court date. It just happens to be the day before our wedding anniversary!


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Family News

Lea called today and announced she is coming to visit. Since she lives in the Chicago area and has 3 kids now, I was very impressed. I admire her.........she is very adventuresome we all can't wait to see them. She and her husband have a new baby. God has blessed them again through the miracle of adoption. Kaylee, Erin and I have met the baby but now everyone here will get to meet her.

Another piece of news in our house...........Layne is back in school for another Master's degree. He wants an administration masters so he would be able to be a school principal or do more administrative duties in the field of educational technology. Anyway, this means his nights are filled with paper writing and on-line classes. This is a huge time commitment for the month of June and July and he should be able to complete the degree in about 2 years. God has opened doors for this opportunity and we are excited to see what He has in store.

Our dear Ethiopian friends are moving. We are sad to see them go, but he was offered a job teaching agriculture at a state school here in Iowa. Thankfully they will still live in Iowa and we will keep in touch. I am going to help watch their kids this week as they get some packing done. Tess, my friend has been so kind to supply with Ethiopian food. Levi will miss this tremendously. They have family that live near the village the boys were born. Lord willing, we hope to travel back to Ethiopia some day and would love to go with this family.

I Think it is the Chicken!!!

Oh my, was I cracking up at Levi tonight. They kids were getting ready for bed and I was overseeing the flossing routine. As I was flossing Levi's teeth he cried out in pain. He explained his mouth hurt. I looked inside and discovered yet another canker sore. He had one about two months ago too.

Now before I explain what he said, I must tell you we had chicken, potatoes, and carrots tonight for supper. Levi is not a huge fan of meat, especially larger pieces that have to be chewed. I really think this is just a result of not being familiar with eating much meat in Ethiopia. His diet for four years consisted of corn bread and occasional roasted grain. ANYWAY, he did eat supper, but was not to excited about the chicken.

Now back to the flossing and canker sore.................
As I examined his sore he looked me straight in the eye with the most SERIOUS face. He said, "Mom, eating chicken gives me the sore in my mouth!" This just caught me so off guard and made me giggle. I said, "Really?!" We ended up both giggling about it and he explained again that he did not like chicken very much.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Erin turned 4 today! Happy Birthday!!

These pictures are from her party on Sunday with Mema, Bumpakk, Bopie and Bompa. She wanted to wear her bonnet and her tutu for most of the party, until she opened the pretty twirly dress that's in the bottom picture. She had a beautiful princess castle cake made by a very special professional cake maker (mommy) Erin was so happy about her cake. She kept telling Tanya, "you did such a good job mommy, thank you!!"
Today she had a special day too. She went to Drama camp, ate a lunch at McDonald land playplace, had a special outing with bopie and attempted to go to "Horton hears a Who" but showtimes got mixed up and it didn't work out. She then played with her friend Helena at Isaac's baseball game. I can't believe she is already 4! What is a Daddy to do?????