Sunday, March 21, 2010

happy Birthday J-bear!

Can you believe that we have ANOTHER birthday to celebrate in March.  We did this one up right with a trip to see cousins in Illinois!  A trip that included a waterpark hotel, Shedd Aquarium and nonstop fun for 3 days! The J-bear knows how to turn 4!  He had an awesome party with a dinner out at Sweet Tomatoes, Dinosaur cake, balloons (which the dog loved!) and every batman imaginext toy you can find.  Write a comment to wish J-bear a happy birthday!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Happy Birthday T

We packed a ton of stuff into this day!  Some big stuff and a few little things.

It started at 7am when we heard the kids all whispering in the kitchen...K and I had organized a "Breakfast in Bed" for Mommy's b-day!  It was so sweet!
We had to have everyone at L and E's first soccer game of the season.  They are the big boppers and they were taking on their arch rivals the banana pops!  It was a grueling game.  back and forth, kicks in the shins, utter mayhem and constant laughter (by the parents)!  They had so much fun.  Levi has been sick the last few days, but you'd have never known it watching him jump around on that floor today.  Erin was goalie for a while, she did great, but forgot to watch the game a little bit!? oops.

Next, Mommy had a birthday lunch with Aunt Shelly and daddy headed home with the crew to make mommy's cake and get the house ready for her birthday dinner. See pictures to get a jist of how my angel food cake turned out :(

Fed the kids hotdogs for lunch, that was easy....

We had to practice for singing in church tomorrow, so we met the praise team at church by 1pm (it was a no-nap day for little ones). Kids ran around the church while we sang for about 2 hours. Got done there and went over to pick up Levi's new glasses!! He is so cute with his new specs and is very excited that he can see the letters in the books more clearly! He came home and showed me how well he can color now that he has his new glasses.

Mommy and K went and did a little shopping, daddy went home to remedy the cake mess and try to put the finishing touches on the awana grand prix cars that need to be handed in tomorrow.

We had a great b'day dinner of Roast Beef AuJus from the CrocketyPot and the store bought angel food cake fit the bill perfectly.

Isaac went to a Bandits game with a friend, and Mommy read to the kids on the couch until about 7:30. Kaylee and I finished up her car and when Isaac came home we got his done.
It's 11pm and I'm ready to call it a day.