Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 7th was 1 year Anniversary

On 7/7/07 the became a family of 7!
What an exciting year it has been.
We snapped a picture of the kids all together at church on Sunday.
There is so much more that we want to write about. Hopefully, this will be a 2-3 part post. However, it is VERY late, so off to bed I go!


Anonymous said...

I love this picture of the kids. It is so good! Love you all. Jaimee Jo

Al&Barb said...

We are sooo happy for you with the final adoption of Levi & Jesse. The tears flowed when I read your blog - what a wonderful thing you have both done for the boys. When you both told us you were going to do this 2 or more years ago Dad & I were a little worried about the whole thing, but we know now God meant for you & your family to have these sweet little brothers. We wouldn't ever want it any other way. They are very, very special little guys. What a wonderful day you had & so nice Bompa could be there. That is something he will never, ever forget. Love the picture of all of you with the judge. I know that judge thought - what a beautiful family & after he heard Tanya I'm sure he had tears in his eyes too. WONDERFUL!! We LOVE YOU ALL - We are all very blessed.
Mom & Dad