Monday, February 19, 2007

Red Dress Contest

Yesterday we went to Mercy Medical Center's Cardiology area for a reception because Kaylee won 1st place in their drawing contest! They even interviewed her on T.V. and we watched it last night on the 10pm news. She was really smiling and we are so happy for her. She got a trophy and a big check$$. A quote from Kaylee "it makes me feel happy to know that maybe my drawing might help someone to be more heart healthy."

I also found the Journal article and pasted it below:
Mercy announces Red Dress Art Contest winners
Mercy Heart Center's Red Dress Ambassadors have announced the winners of their annual "Red Dress Art Contest" which sought to alert Siouxland residents of all ages about the serious threat of cardiovascular disease -- especially to women.

In January, children in kindergarten through the eighth grade were invited to submit an original, color picture on 8 1/2 by 11-inch paper that incorporated a red dress. Hundreds of entries for the art contest were judged last week.

The winners in the following divisions were:

Kindergarten through second grade: 1. Kaylee Henn, Clark Elementary; 2. Emma Lamson, St. Michael's.

Third through fifth grade: 1. Aubrie Wauhob, Riverside Elementary; 2. Emily Gengler, Whittier Elementary.

Sixth through eighth grade: 1. Abbie Leigh, West Middle; 2. Tommy Thelen, Holy Cross.

First place winners in each of the three age categories will receive checks for $50 and second place winners will be awarded $25 prizes at a special presentation at 1:30 p.m. Sunday on the fourth floor of Mercy Heart Center.

All of the contest entries will be displayed on the fourth floor of the Heart Center through the end of February which is National Heart Month. The winning entries also can be viewed on Mercy's Web site,

"This was the second time we have hosted an art contest for children," said Carla Galloway, chair of Mercy's Red Dress Ambassadors. "We received even more entries this year and were very impressed by so many outstanding, creative works of art."

"We wish to thank all of the children who entered the contest, their parents, and their teachers for their support of this effort."

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Adoption Support meeting

A week ago today, we went up to Sioux Center last week to an adoption support meeting. We got to meet our friends new baby! They just returned home from Ethiopia 4 days before that and it was so exciting and encouraging. There were about 7 families there so we didn't get to talk with them as much as we would've liked, but hopefully soon we will get to see more pictures and hear more of their story with this new little guy. The kids were in awe. They loved seeing that little guy. In Erin's words "Mama, I like that black baby...He's Doorgeous!!"


Monday, February 12, 2007

New family game- Sleeping Queens

We have been playing more games together as a family and a friend/babysitter brought this game over and the kids absolutely LOVE it. Ta and I love it, too. It is fun and cute and we are learning some great lessons together playing games. We also love to play Trouble, Swap, Set and Race to the Roof.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Isaac's letter to our baby boy

Isaac dictated his letter to Tanya and then did some artwork at the bottom.
(Click on it below to get the full size letter)

Friday, February 02, 2007


There is a family that has pictures from their trip to Ethiopia and the care center in Addis Ababa.
click the link below:


just an update

Hello everybody:
We have been so encouraged lately because our friends are just returning with their new son from Ethiopia!
Isaac said something the other day that was really cute. He asked, "Dad, if my new brother speaks Spanish, how will you be able to understand him?" He is so excited and has a billion questions.
Soon to come, Isaac's letter to his new baby brother.